Is this real? The evil of targets

I was forwarded this by one of our community organisers. As I read it I kept thinking this cannot be true. I hope it is fake but I have a horrible feeling that it’s a true reflection of JobCentre/DWP culture in any case.


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2 Responses to Is this real? The evil of targets

  1. barbaraharbinson says:

    The style and language used make me thing it is genuine. The screw tightens and tightens. Barbara

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    Think of the environment; please don’t print this email unless you really need to.

  2. Roy Tindle says:

    Hi Jess, several years ago, when I was working with Viet Namese refugees, a Job Centre manager – in the good old days of separation – asked me and my Viet Namese friends to wait whilst he went down the road to the DHSS. He came back red faced and extremely angry, complaining about the rudeness, ignorance and just plain uncharitable, negative manner of the DHSS manager. He couldn’t understand the callousness of his ‘colleagues’. Plus ca change.

    Later, I had cause to complain so I wrote to Mrs Thatcher, as one did. Number 10 staff wrote to me to confirm that this manager no longer worked for the DHSS, he or she, I don’t remember, had been removed from their post. Trouble is there are always people ready to fill each post, several times over.

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