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I mean it about open… but there’s no need to be nasty!

#communityorganisers #corganisers #corgs Here’s what the National Coalition for Independent Action thinks about Locality. Community revolution entrusted to Locality March 21, 2011 · Filed Under News, Newsletter The issue that has, by far and away, put the national gossips in a tizzy … Continue reading

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More on #thepeoplespier

Just found these nice pics (30th January 2011) and wanted to share… Have a good look round to find out more.   This is my daughter. The pier burned on the night before her birthday. Having watched it all … Continue reading

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Big Society – definite or indefinite?

I liked this piece ‘The Big Society or A Big Society’ by Charlie Mansell – thoughtful and almost funny in its own search for definitions while recognising that definition-hunting is procrastination. The problem on the ground (IMHO) is the same … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Feedback Loop

I made a comment early on in the Community Organisers programme that I assumed that a programme of this sort should be open and engaging. My colleague, Neil Berry, a longstanding stalwart of the DTA and soon to be Head … Continue reading

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Policy and Practice – still bridging after all these years

Whenever I write a ‘biog’ about myself for a conference etc it always says “Jess’ work bridges policy and practice”. It sounds a bit trite but it’s been the story of my life. Many years ago back in the early … Continue reading

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Community Organisers – another step forwards

We’re in the Development Phase for this programme so things are moving fast (I keep saying), though of course not fast enough for all the enquirers. But log your interest at or comment on this blog and you’ll be … Continue reading

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(as you can tell) I just sent this out by email to a load of people, and now I’m going to infiltrate the Community Organisers blog (just to prove I’m not only a Programme Manager…). If you support local people … Continue reading

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